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A low drop Mosfet Regulator for Gaasfet Pas

The pad 1 at the Mosfet gate is for connecting a loss of negative supply inhibit.

Connect a transistor to ground biased from C9 and hold it cut off with the –ve supply applied thro an R to the base.

Ensure that resistors are choosen so that loss of the –ve supply brings the transistor into conduction grounding the Mosfet gate.

If you use an antenna relay with additional postion confirmation contacts then wiring these contacts also pad 1 to ground will

inhibit the Tx Supply if the relay is not in the correct Tx position.



A PCB layout solution



PCB layout for printing below.

 Click here to download the layout.  File prints correctly when sized to 100pixels/cm in your Graphics programme.

Observe your mirror or normal print mode depending how you produce PCBs.

For importing into another CAD programme resave as .bmp or other file type as required