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Multiplier for 2.4 2.6 GHz Multiplication x3 x2 x2 x2 = 24

It will also function down to 2176 MHz output with reduced output power.

Omission of the last multiplier enables it to function as a 23cm LO.


Graph plotted of measured output power taken from a prototype module.

The input frequency was moved in steps and the trimmers re-aligned.

Magenta plot is optimised 2.5 GHz tuned stubs at each frequency.

Dark blue plot is 2.5 GHz stubs as printed on the pcb, no optimisation.

Faint Cyan and Yellow plot with an alternative BFR520 output transistor.

An optional Pot RV1 allows output to be set to the desired level.



G8DKK has plotted the bandwidth of his constructed multiplier module. Its aligned for 2556 MHz

and without any added tuning tabs to the striplines the LO frequency for a standard 144 MHz IF at 3cms.


The response was measured swept with a network analyzer in the analyzer's frequency scaling mode

scale factor 24) via its tuned receiver input.

The input power from the network analyzer source was 0 dBm and the input frequency span centred

on 106.5 MHz was 5 MHz giving the output span shown of 240 MHz at 2556 MHz.


The swept plot is shown below, thanks Bryan.



If you require information about the multiplier email me at: