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Phase Locked Loop Using the Luis Cupido CT1DMK CPLD Design


The most basic circuit supported by this printed circuit board uses the component outlines

shown in black . The omitted component positions are coloured yellow. Using the PLL for the

higher microwave bands effects such as crosstalk back into the OCXO were noted and therefore a

mmic to provide additional reverse isolation can be included as required. Various other options can be

included for additional RF output and for monitoring the control loop voltage to the OCXO vari-caps.

CPLD programming using the standard CT1DMK .pof files is via the central connector. Choice of

configuration and comparator type is via handbag links at the bottom RH corner of the PCB.

This printed circuit fits a 55 x 55 x 40mm deep box where the OCXO is fitted in the

opposite end of the box with certain constraints. Otherwise a 20mm deep box maybe used.


Printed Circuit Component Positions




Circuit for the basic version.